MORF Studio

Brand Identity and Website Design for Morf Animation Studio

Morf Studio is a UK based animation studio specializing in stop motion, VFX, Pre-Visualisation, Layout and story.


Our challenge was to create a recognizable brand that would work across a variety of mediums while standing out from the crowd. As one primary application is during film credits the logo also had to be effective in just black and white which, while limiting, allowed us to get creative with the mark.

What we did.
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design & Development

An adaptable logo

Working in just black and white inspired us to create a mark based on light sources. This also allows us to create a range of logo variants, altering the light source to produce unique shapes which can be pulled apart from one another and used in isolation.

Our client also wanted a mark that was highly animatable, so having a logo which can be easily altered was the first step in this process.

An interactive web experience

We knew the website had to be visually stunning and interactive. We created a horizontal scroll section through the middle of the site which breaks the typical user experience, drawing attention to each project and encouraging users to explore further.

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