Jeff Hume Real Estate

Identity and Website Redesign for Whistler Realtor

Jeff Hume is an established and trusted Realtor in Whistler, BC with a wide-ranging client base and a large number of competitors. Our challenge was to create a simple but unique brand identity and website that would make him stand out against the many competitors, while staying true to his image and meeting his target audience’s expectations.

What we did.
  • Brand Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Graphical Assets
  • Video Production
  • Website Design and Development


Whistler’s biggest draw is its lifestyle appeal. This is what draws people in, but they want a Realtor who exudes professionalism and reliability.

It was important to communicate both Whistler’s lifestyle aspects, along with Jeff’s work ethic and personality. The chosen identity utilizes a contemporary approach with a rustic and comfortable colour pallette.

Modern but comfortable simplicity that allows the Realtor’s personality shine through.

The website was designed to elevate the brand without creating exclusivity, highlighting professionalism while remaining approachable.

Imagery was chosen to showcase the area’s incredible scenery and is updated throughout the seasons. This is reflected in all marketing assets and ongoing video production maintains the brand consistency with the use of repeated custom animations and graphics.

Developing a consistent content strategy

As a Realtor Jeff’s marketing strategy is incredibly important for both himself and clients. Spread across a wide range of platforms, it was essential to maintain consistency throughout.

We worked to create content and templates for MailChimp, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, in addition to our work on print marketing collateral such as Thank You Cards, Letterhead, and Business Cards.


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