Website Design for GeoScan Subsurface Surveys

GeoScan are Canadian specialists in Utility Locating, Geophysics, and Xradar™ Enhanced Concrete Scanning. They are well known in the industry and have are leading the way in non-destructive testing.


With a rapid expansion they needed a website that was modern and reflected the innovation in their services. We worked closely with the team to develop a functional but stand-out web experience that would set them apart from their competitors.

What we did.
  • Website Design & Development

Bold but functional

Our client emphasized the need for usability with this project. A lot of their clients are not necessarily the most tech savvy and are often short on time when searching for contractors.


We needed to develop a simple and intuitive web experience that would showcase all GeoScan’s services, while also offering a more interactive experience for those looking to take a deep-dive into technical information.

Expanding the brand

One of the first challenges we faced when developing the website was expanding the range of brand assets without undergoing a full rebrand.


We developed a range of icons and additional assets to support the services offered and assist in differentiating each area of the website. We also expanded the client’s colour palette and added two new typefaces to their brand.

Showcasing content

One of the key requests from the client was that the site should be incredibly easy to edit and add publish content with. As such we developed a robust, component based backend where they can choose from a range of blocks custom made for their needs.

This is best showcased across the project pages which support a huge variety of sections which the client can choose from to build their own project pages when required.

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