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Sounds of the Studio

Music is a HUGE part of our day to day at ONBOX. There’s always something playing, from minimal techno for uber-concentration, to nu-metal Wednesdays to pull you out of that mid-week lull.

Everyone pitches in on collaborative playlists and no music is off the table, although if the room’s not feeling it you will quickly know about it. Imagine it as a back-to-back DJ set where the aim isn’t to get people dancing, but to receive a simple nod of approval. And let me tell you, that nod means everything.

Over the years we have been curating some playlists perfect for work, so sit back, relax and enjoy some sounds of the studio!


ONBOX FM was the first collaborative studio playlist and is probably the most main stream our music tastes get! From the indie sounds of Alt-J and The Horrors, to the ambient techno of Nicholas Jaar and Aphex Twin.

Sitting at a respectable 8 hours and 22 minutes (although that is prone to change), you can smash this on in the morning when you get to work and not worry about changing the music all day, safe in the knowledge that ONBOX are there to massage your ear holes till you’re ready to leave.



Changing the frequency, we have ONBOX AM, a more minimal outing spanning artists from Jon Hopkins and DJ Shadow, to MF DOOM and Flying Lotus.

We’ve all been there, deadlines looming and change requests destroying your inbox, switch over to AM and engage “Laser Mode” to blast through it all!

If you want to check out more of sounds from our studio, head over to Spotify and give us a follow!

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