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Creating your own Brand Identity

It’s always a strange process when designing for yourself, you can be overcritical, too picky, and generally find it hard to settle on an idea.

Our aim was to not overthink and to trust the process we apply to each one of our projects. Here’s how we created our brand identity!

Introducing the “not-box”

So, funny story. Our logo is not a box. Our accountant drew our attention to this, and yes we are aware. When we were discussing designing our logo we really didn’t want anything that had a box. Our name stemmed from a branding exercise and we aren’t particularly box related. This story did however, provide us with a name for the logo – the “not-box”!


Defining a palette

We wanted something bright and bold and after playing around with a couple of options we finally settled on the orange you see.

Aside from the home colour we wanted to keep everything else fairly minimal across the board with a selection of greys.


Finding a voice

Type and brand voice was actually one of the things that took the longest. Our brand voice has developed over time and was only really defined once we stopped overthinking.

For type we decided on Bergen Mono. We wanted to do something a bit different and this, especially monospaced, really stood out from the crowd.

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